Notice of AGM

27th Aug

Our 1st ever AGM is scheduled to take place on 29th Sept at 7.30pm. Due to covid restrictions we will have bookable in person places with ability to attend via Zoom.

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We have reopened!

12th Aug

We are pleased to be able to reopen for bookings in line with current government regulations. We have an enhanced risk assessment in place and are happy to provide further details on request.

We are OPEN!!!

13th Jan

We are open please come along.

Opening Date

10th Dec 2019

We will be soft opening on 13th Jan, so please enquire about booking.

bookings are now open

Media Coverage

12th Sept 2019

The chairman appear on BBC Radio oxford and BBC south today, to highlight that the centre still has not been handed over. Over all the coverage has opened correspondence from the consortium as to the progress.

Community Centre Handover Update

28th May 2019

Currently the centre had made a small step closer to being handed over.

we now know that the consortium has made orders towards kitting out the community centre.

This leaves the association no closer to opening the centre for the time being.

Community Centre Handover Update

8th March 2019

the council are currently awaiting taylor wimply to collect the signature from the consortium signatories to move the hand over to the next phase.

LPCA Charity registration

12th February 2019

The LPCA has now registered with the charity commission as 1181953 LONGFORD PARK COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION.

Banbury Guardian story

11th February 2019

The Banbury Guardian has picked up on the stories of the delay to the community hall and the other services promised to Longford Park. See the article here:

Advertising Bookings

24th October 2018

We have had a person advertising an event at the community centre this November that didn’t have a booking which has cause a few issues for us.

The committee would advise any person planning events to ensure that a booking request via the booking system is completed before planning for the following reasons.

  • Is secures your time to prevent others booking it

  • starts the process of completing the needed hiring paperwork

  • ensures your get information about any issues happening that can effect your booked time.

  • most importantly will grant you access to the venue on the date and time you have advertised.

Any event at the centre requires us to have converted your request into a confirmed committed booking, deposit and completed hiring T&Cs before we can grant access, this will avoid disappointment and issues later down the road.

Delays on community centre handover

20th October 2018

Because of issues between CDC and the consortium of builders ( Bovis, Taylor wimpy & Barretts), the community centre hasn’t yet been handed over to CDC. As such the consortium has missed handing over the building for the second time.

This has a knock on effect to us at the LPCA as we can’t commence operations from the centre, as such frustratingly we are regretfully left with no option but to cancel all bookings for November.

If you have any bookings in December these remain as provisional on the hope that CDC and the consortium can complete handover in time. however we understand that you may not able to organise due the uncertainty, we totally understand if you also choose to cancel those as well.

Development News

8th September 2018

We’re continuing to chase anyone who will listen to keep the pressure on the Consortium of developers to deliver some of the additional amenities that will complete Longford Park. Here’s some more news from Cherwell District Council:

Country Park

The first stage of the new country park is about to progress. The park will be completed in stages over a period of time.

LAPs and LEAPs

Agreement has been reached between CDC planning and the developers regarding the play areas and start of work should be imminent.

Shops and Local Centre

No agreement has yet been reached between CDC and the developers. The Consortium attribute this to the fact that no contractor has been found by the developers to build the centre – there would seem to be no interest. CDC will continue to chase this on our behalf.