Commonly asked questions

Listed below are some of the answers to questions that are often asked about hiring Longford Park Community Centre. If you can't find the answer that you need please get in touch via email.

  1. What is the capacity of each room?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the capacities of rooms are as follows:

  • West Wing Hall - Maximum capacity of 35 people ( with social distancing )

  • East Wing Hall - Maximum capacity of 25 people ( with social distancing )

  • West Wing Meeting Room - Maximum capacity of 9 people ( with social distancing )

  • West Wing Meeting Rooms Combined - Capacity: 12 people ( with social distancing )

  1. What are the charges?

For the latest pricing information, visit: https://www.lpca.org.uk/community-centre/pricing-information

  1. Does the hire include tables and chairs?

Yes, the use of tables and chairs is included in the cost.

  1. Does the hire include the use of the kitchen?

When hiring the West Wing Hall you will have use of the large kitchen. The West Wing Meeting rooms have hatch access to our kitchen. There is a smaller kitchen area in the East Wing Hall.

We can sometimes also hire the kitchen separately. Please contact us for more info.

  1. Can we put up decorations?

You can put up decorations but please only use white tack as tape and blue tack will mark the walls. Please take down all decorations after your event and ensure the room is left clean and tidy.

  1. Can we have a bouncy castle in the main hall?

Yes, but this is subject to the hirer having the appropriate insurance and we will need to see proof of public liability insurance from the company to ensure that appropriate cover is in place.

  1. Can we have a band?

Yes, the venue has been soundproofed so you are able to have a band.

  1. Do you have facilities for the disabled?

We have hearing loops installed in both halls, disabled toilets and disabled parking at the rear of the building. All rooms and garden are at ground level with no steps and we have double motion sensor doors to the two main entrances.

  1. Can we use the garden?

Use of the garden is available with hire of the West Wing Hall. We may also be able to hire it separately, but please contact us to check availability.

  1. Is there parking?

There is a small car park to the rear of the hall, primarily for disabled visitors. Additional parking is available in the community car park next to the school and in sight of the Community Centre.

  1. What time can we get in to set up?

Please factor in setting up time/ packing away time into your required booking slot. e.g. If you wish a party to start at 3pm and finish at 5pm but require 1hr for setting up/packing away, please book the hall from 2pm - 6pm.

  1. How do we get into the building?

For private parties the hirer will be met and let in the building. Regular hirers will be sent access instructions.

  1. Are there hand sanitizing stations?

We have plenty of hand sanitizer throughout the building. Please let us know if we are running low and we will top them up.

  1. Do we have to sign in?

Yes, to comply with COVID regulations, all guests must sign in.

  1. Opening and closing times?

Our standard opening hours are 9am-10pm.